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Capture and Handle event when one entity record is attached through a Many to Many relationship - MS CRM 4

If you have already dug up too much about trying to capture the event when an entity record in MS CRM is attached ~ linked to a record in many to many relationship. For example, if you have two entities : Supplier and Company in MS CRM where a supplier can do business with many companies and at the same time a Company can order stuff from many suppliers. What if you want to send some notification whenever a new supplier or an existing supplier is linked to a company; similarly you may want to send a notification when a Supplier signs a deal with 2-3 companies and gets linked to those. Some experts from MS CRM fraternity have suggested some ways to over ride this limitation of MS CRM that it does not expose any event for the above mentioned scenario, below is one of the examples: But making changes to the default plugin model of MS CRM to add Associate or Disassociate event is not so eas

Creating Email through Plugin / SDK in CRM 4 - line breaks don't work

You may have noticed when you create email using a sample code like below in a plugin or for that matter any other SDK based assembley for MS CRM. Your line breaks : \n or \r or System.Environment.NewLine will not work.           email Email = new email();                 = new activityparty[] { toParty };                      Email.from = new activityparty[] { fromParty };                      Email.regardingobjectid = regardingObject;                      Email.subject = "Hello!!";                      Email.description = "Dear, line 1" +                                System.Environment.NewLine+                          "my message for your - line 2";                      Email.directioncode = new CrmBoolean();                      Email.directioncode.Value = true;                                            Guid _emailId = _service.Create(Email);                                            SendEmailRequest sendEmailReq