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Error in importing customizations when absolute path is long

Hi, This is one strange error I have encountered, when you browse a customization file to import to dynamics CRM, it obviously gives an error when the total path is more than 100 characters long, (i.e. C:/somefolder/inside1/inside2/inside3/my_customizations_backup/year/month/ but, even when the path is close to 100 characters, Import may fail without any visible reasons, in that case, if you copy the file directly under drive, say C:/, it gets imported successfully.

Disable/Enable all fields on CRM entity form

While disabling fields from 1st method, some lookups, radio buttons and date fields may not get disabled, you have to disable them separately // This loops through all elements of CRMForm, faster and consumes less memory function disableFields(disableenable) { var CRMObjects = new Array(CF. ,CF. ,CF. ,CF. ); for (i=0;i < CRMObjects.length;i++) { CRMObjects[i].Disabled=disableenable; } /*now disable all active form elements*/ for (i=0; i<>0) { if(crmForm.elements[i].Disabled==false) { crmForm.elements[i].Disabled=disableenable;