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Using MS CRM Calendar in your custom ASP .NET pages *** Not fully Supported Customisations ***

Hi, Have you been creating custom pages in line with MS CRM for creating , viewing and updating entity records ? Have you placed controls such as Date picker Lookup on your custom page and have tried in vein to make those look like MS CRM ? I found a way to use the same MS CRM calendar control as it appears in the application... For getting this calendar on your asp .net page, follow the steps below: 1) Create a copy of the date.js javascript file located in your-server/crmsite-folder/_static/_controls/datetime folder, give the copy some name like date_myapp.js. 2) Open the following .js files from different sub folders in side the  your-server/crmsite-folder/_static      folder :       Global.js       encodedecode.js       xmlutil.js       util.js       remotecommand.js              Copy and whole content of each file one by one and keep pasting the same to the end of your date_myapp.js file. 3) Now open any CRM entity record page, for example a new Account crea

Change Section name at runtime using Javascript

How many times you wanted to show/hide fields based on some load/save/change event in CRM and you did that with ease. Now I wonder you would have thought of changing the name of a Section as well that appears with a separator bar on top of each block of fields. In order to do that, here is a sample code :      crmForm.all. .parentElement. parentElement.parentElement. children[0].childNodes[0]. innerText="Your text";