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Add more than 8 tabs on CRM form : *** Unsupported Customization ****

 Hi, Everyone of us who have used MS CRM would have noticed that you can't create more than 8 tabs on a form. There is a way to overcome this and add more tabs or limit that to less tabs. As suggested in Microsoft CRM Resource center tips , this is how you do it : In: C:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM Server\CRMWeb\Tools\FormEditor find your formeditor.aspx and select edit. Find the JavaScript variable _iMaxTabs and notice that it is set to 8. Change the value to your desired limitation, save and close, reset IIS and you should then be able to create the additional tabs needed from within the forms customization area. Remember you are editing MS CRM code page hence it is NOT a supported customization.

Microsoft reuse windows media player toolbar in Windows 7

Those who have been using Windows Media Player would have experienced one thing over time, when you click on the little up-down arrow heads on the right, you could see a thumbnail live view of the current movie you were playing. This had been since Window XP and now Microsoft have copy-pasted this code to show live preview of each taskbar window like a folder, browser session, office documents and every possible item you can open and appear in task bar.  Those of you who haven't seen Windows 7, this is how taskbar preview looks like :

Vista Sidebar Gadget for MS CRM

Hi, Recently I was looking for any Vista sidebar gadgets that would show MS CRM elements or list of data like Accounts, Contacts or Activites. I found an MSDN article ( Monitoring Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Queues with a Windows Sidebar Gadget ) on the same that explains creating a MS CRM Gadget for Vista sidebar and also a couple of gadgets on Vista gadget library and tried CRM Watchman , which is really good. Download the gadget by following the above link Enter CRM Server name or IP address and your credentials.  You will see a list of all Activites in CRM, clicking on them takes you to the activity view in browser.