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Write In Products in Opportunity

If you know the typical MS CRM sales module flow, it starts from Lead and Customers and flows through Opportunity, Quote, Order and Invoice, You might have noticed there are Existing and WriteIn products in Quote/Order/Invoice but no so in Opportunity. This means we can not define write in products at the opportunity which can be pulled across when quote is generated out of it, and then this quote is subsequently converted to order and then invoice. There is a supported way to implement WriteIn products functionality in MS CRM, here is the technical approach; 1) Create a custom opportunity-writein-products entity just like quoteproducts,orderproducts entities (The basic difference I found between opportunityproduct and quoteproduct or orderproduct is that the relationship with products is a system required in case of the former while no constraint in the later two. 2) One you have created that custom opportunity-writein-products entity, it shall appear as link in left nav of opportu